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The Problem: Everyone Loves a Good Story, But Few People Know How to Live One

Friends, we have a problem. Absolutely everyone wants to live a meaningful life – to live a good story. But, at least in my experience, very few people out there feel like they’re living a meaningful life.

Who’s or what’s to blame? “Life” itself! At least that’s what it feels like. Instead of a meaningful narrative, life seems like a series of random (at best) or unfortunate (at worst) events.

Who’s got time to worry about meaning and significance when we’re drowning in busyness and stress?

And yet, I suspect, we all have a sneaking suspicion that things ought to be different, that there ought to be a greater sense of purpose, direction, and significance out there – something that can shape our chaotic series of events into a meaningful and beautiful story.

What if I told you that things could be different?

The Solution: Living The Good Story

I don’t think that we’re doomed to the meaningless chaos and stress of our day-to-day lives.

I don’t even think that we have to strive and toil to give our own lives meaning!

No, instead, I believe that the answer to our “living a good story” problem is to learn how to live THE Good Story – the story of who God is and what God is up to in the world.

Do you realize what this means?

You don’t have to give your own life meaning. Instead, your life is already meaningful. The world around you, chaotic and stressful though it is, is already significant. All we need are eyes to see it.

We’ve lost our story, but we can find it again. We can learn it again. We can live it again.


It’s a lifelong journey, but here’s a roadmap.

4 Steps to Find More Purpose and Meaning in Life

1. Get Your Act Together: Learn the Essentials of Productivity and Time Management

You can’t live a more meaningful life until you have time to reflect on your life! Productivity and time management can provide powerful tools to help create enough margin in your life for reflection and learning.

2. Get to Know the Script: Learn the Good Story of God through the Essentials of Bible Study

Ultimately, we come to true self-knowledge once we realize our place in the Good Story of God. To do this, we must read the Bible not as a random collection of stories, but as one overarching story that contains everything in the universe. We must turn to Scripture to learn who God is and what God is up to in the world.

(The Bible Project has produced a great video about this. Find it here.)

3. Get to Know Your Tribe: Learn the Story of God’s People through the Essentials of Theology

The Good Story of the Bible is intimately intertwined with the Story of God’s People. When we read the Bible today, we can never do so in a vacuum. Instead, we read Scripture in the midst of a tribe, the Church! Church history and theology might seem like a boring subject at first glance, but it’s absolutely vital in order to understand the Good Story.

4. Live the Good Story: Live the Christian Life!

This is where the rubber meets the road. What will you do with the knowledge you’ve been given? How has God gifted you in particular ways to meet particular needs in the world around you? What role do you have to play in advancing the Good Story?

What Should You Do Next?

Here are some suggestions!

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